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We provide pioneering solutions, beginning with idea to business, Funding, and Technology Solutions. We focus in technologies that disrupt the medical, agricultural, sports, maritime, financial, and cyber defense industries.

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Optimal weather routing, performance and operational costs optimization for Shipping Companies.

PrimeWatch is a platform providing “Route and Performance Optimization Services for Shipping Companies. A platform encapsulating many years of experience in shipping operations, ship design, meteorology and IT architecture and implementation, the platform provides a unique solution for the maritime industry. Making use of big data from weather services, maritime maps services, AIS providers, and more, it implements custom algortihms to calculate and provide optimal weather routing, performance tracking and operational costs optimization. The platform is already in use from a large number of shipping companies providing daily intelligence and operational guidance”.


Fast, Efficient, Extremely Accurate, and Personalized Medical Diagnoses for Medical Practitioners

DeepMed streamlines Pathology with a single solution. DeepMed is a unique AI-based diagnostic and decision support system incorporating Digital Pathology, allowing for fast turn around readings, and provides extremely accurate diagnosis through data aggregation and analysis. The DeepMed system also helps address the increasing problem of a critical shortage of pathologists in the health care sector by providing pathologists and physicians with very timely diagnoses, with improved accuracy and precision.

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AmongDoctors-Network-The-Exclusive-Physicians-Network Projects

Among Doctors

Social Platform for Physicians and Medical Institutions

AmongDoctors is an exclusive physicians social platform, bringing together reliable peers from all over the world, for networking, recruitment, and collaboration, helping to make patient care better.

Application of Technology Solutions for budget optimization and spending flexibility; to improve cash flow and increase total spending for development without additional cash outlay. Sylipsis provides all the required skills, and tools in order to design, implement, manage, test, document and deploy the platform.

Bunkering at Sea

Maritime Digital Innovation for fuel bunkering on a secure electronic platform.

Bunkering at Sea is an integrated web-based platform that provides an innovative and optimal network solution for bunkering through real-time electronic auctions.

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ErgoSensePro Projects


Revolutionary Strength and Conditioning Algorithm-based Software

ErgoSense Pro is a sports strength and conditioning software designed to maximize the fitness training outcomes of top level athletes.

Application of Technology Solutions that enable data collection from smart devices; data management; the execution of the specialized algorithms that produce performance predictions; and the software platform whereby key players interact to receive feedback and guidance regarding training performance.


Artificial Intelligence Platform

ReportBrain is an artificial intelligence platform for smart business using machine learning and text-analytics to drive knowledge.

Application of Technology Solutions for supporting areas of the ReportBrain platform and ecommerce integration.

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Sophisticated basketball management game

Air5 is a basketball management game that resembles other popular management games.
The object of the game is to manage a basketball team and lead it to victory by actually handling the intricate details of building and maintaining a strong team. This includes the financial stability of the team, strategy planning for games, team forming, and much more.


Artificial Intelligence Platform

BeautyMe is an AI platform for the process of beauty identification and ranking, as perceived by people in different age and social groups all around the globe.

Application of Technology Solutions for developing a sophisticated platform that combines the knowledge of industry experts (plastic surgeons, gnathoprosopic surgeons, orthodontists, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, cosmetologists, and aestheticians) with technologies available through the advances in IT (big data, machine learning, gamification, and crowdsourcing) to reverse engineer the process of beauty identification.

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Social Platform and Marketplace for Athletes and Sports Industry Professionals

ChampionsID is an award-winning global sports company where athletes, coaches, scouts, and sports writers can all meet on the exclusive forum-style platform, designed for networking and recruitment.

Application of Technology Solutions for developing a highly customized networking platform and e-commerce integration.

Sports Games

Smart Tracking with Video Capturing

Sports Game Smart Tracking is a mobile application and supportive backend system that allows a single user (or multiple) to track the progress of a a real-time sports game by means of player’s performance and capturing the best moments of the player in the game.

A potent platform in the sports scouting marketplace to identify talent at an early stage for young athletes, and as a marketplace for video content redistribution.

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Portable Business Directory for Driving Revenue and Traffic

Business Directory, produced by the Sylipsis in-house Digital Media House (DMH), is an innovative and unique service for publishers and advertisers, designed to provide catalogue services for publishers, focused on specialized topics.

Application of Technology Solutions beginning with system design and architecture; platform implementation; publisher’s plugins (WordPress, Drupal); and data management tools.