The Process

The seed2business framework is designed to help you with business incorporation and team enhancement for product build-out, business development, market expansion, and on-going networking for next stage funding.

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Product-Development seed2business


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We advise on international business incorporation

We advise on international business incorporation, investigating in depth all the investment, business, financial, legal, and regulatory requirements.

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We can develop your product

We have an in-house team of best-in-field professionals across all major technology sectors to help you develop your minimal viable product (MVP) and also benefit from our secure, cost-efficient, and flexible IT solutions that serve long term business needs.

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We offer business services on-demand

We will enhance your team as needed to expand with product and business development, operations management, digital strategy, legal counsel, and financial accounting requirements.

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We prepare for the market and for international development

When the company is up and running, we focus on market expansion with a marketing-communications and sales plan, the identification of new business opportunities in international markets, as well as preparation
for multiple rounds of funding.

If you have any questions or suggestions that you would like to share with us,

we would welcome hearing from you.