The Process

The idea2seed framework is designed to help you articulate and validate your initial business idea and target early stage funding. Though a series of structured stages, we formulate a comprehensive business plan, build the right team for you, offer a unique equity exchange program, and prepare a compelling pitch for seed funding investment.

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We identify early stage viable ideas

We collaborate with industry professionals, universities, and research centers to select innovative and industry–disruptive ideas that can develop into locally or globally scalable products. We are experts in analyzing key market data and performing in-depth industry analysis, examining speed to market, global market potential, and industry best practices.

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We develop comprehensive business plans

We produce customized business plans that incorporate target market identification, world-wide patent and intellectual property (IP) management, company-specific customized geographic incorporation, marketing and customer segmentation, digital strategy, financial projections, and total risk assessment.

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We build a strong business team

We identify the necessary skills and bring together best-in-field experts to get an early stage idea off the ground.

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We provide funding solutions

We offer a unique and innovative equity exchange program designed to help idea creators launch their products at much lower cost. We offer extensive coaching for our clients to develop clear, goal-oriented value propositions and compelling pitching skill to benefit from our international network of investors.

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