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Searching for Talent? Agile Talent Management can be absolutely crucial for the making or breaking of start-ups. As startups focus on perfecting products and services, they can easily forget the importance of talent management.

The emerging knowledge economy and the 4th Industrial Revolution will bring a significant shift in the way that talent and culture are managed so as to enable sustainable business growth.

Workforce trends

According to Accenture, “The key to workforce agility lies in a strategy that puts people first, enabled by technology”. When focusing on business outcomes, talent strategies will need to address the upcoming changes to shape an agile workforce that can constantly adapt and reform to a shifting world. Given the nature of emerging on-demand business models, organisations, and businesses will become more favorable in establishing an open workforce and enable access to highly-skilled talent as and when needed.

Recent McKinsey insights about the future of work indicate the need to foster more flexible labor markets, enabled by digital progression in advanced economies. Matching workers and companies that are looking for particular skills, could, in that way, create a plethora of new work opportunities.

The PWC report “Workforce of the Future” points out the need to build and nurture an adaptable workforce by harnessing a flexible talent mix. The report concludes that organisations and individuals that understand future needs and plan ahead, will be the best prepared for success.

Think of talent as partners..., advice included in an article on Agile Talent by HBR. As top expertise has never been more in demand, establishing a win-win partnership relationship with agile talent, where both parties feel a stake in one another’s success, can prove to be essential development strategy for start-ups, as start-ups especially need to be extra cautious with cash-flow and resource management.

Sylipsis idea to business on-demand services.

Sylipsis idea to business transforms industry disrupting ideas into globally viable and scalable products. Whether you are in the initial stage of forming an idea, or are an early stage company, we offer pioneering solutions and industry-based expert knowledge, using optimum talent at each stage of the idea to business process.

Starting with idea2seed and continuing  with seed2business, you can benefit from prime networking opportunities and the right mix of talent to form an agile and highly skilled team for each of the two idea to business development stages.

Our management team is comprised of  of business and financial executives, engineers, entrepreneurs, technology,  marketing and communication experts, and legal counsel from Europe and the United States.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help.

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